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Product Recommendations

Many of our patients and friends look to us for recommendations on products that we use every day. Of course our favorite self care is an acupuncture treatment and we have gift cards available for your loved ones to receive acupuncture sessions. See gift cards ➝

Outside of acupuncture, our favorite medicinal formulas are usually sold in our office, and range from cold/flu care to boosting energy, to promoting better sleep, regulating hormones, helping fertility, and improving digestion. We also have 2 lines of pediatric formulas in child-safe liquid form.

All of these medicinal formulas require a consultation to ensure they are appropriate for the patient. Once that has been established, refills are available through our Wellevate store which also sells tons of great products from vitamins and shampoos to sunscreen and chocolates. A permanent 15% discount is offered on all products when signing up for a Wellevate account with Healthy Qi.

Some of our favorite medicinal formulas include Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan and Gui Pi Tang for sleep, Xiao Yao San for PMS, and Yunnan Bai Yao for injuries. 

Cold and Flu Season

During cold and flu season, we take specific medicinal formulas appropriate for our constitutions. We give our daughter Yu Ping Feng San to help her avoid colds at school. Astragalus, a main ingredient in Yu Ping Feng San, has been widely studied for its immune modulating properties. Read a study on Astragalus at the National Library of Medicine website. See study ➝

If we feel anything coming on, we always have a case of Vive Wellness Shots with oregano oil in our refrigerator, sold at Whole Foods and other grocers. As well, we use XLear Nasal Spray with oregano oil, often found at Walgreens.

Given the current pandemic, we utilize the information coming from our Asian counterparts who use medicinal formulas and acupuncture in the hospitals of China and Taiwan. We have had the benefit of working with these practitioners to help us understand techniques that have been helpful there. Though we do not treat active Covid-19 cases in the office, we offer virtual sessions to prescribe medicinal formulas to help patients feel better as quickly as possible, as well as protocols to lessen Long Covid symptoms.

Masking will remain our main form of protection and we use Happy Masks, an n95+ reusable mask in all sizes and tons of patterns. They are easy to breath in, they don’t irritate the face, and they can be sanitized with UV or washed.  We aren’t affiliated with Happy Masks or Vive or Xlear; we just love these products and we want our patients to benefit from our experience.

Vitamins and Supplements

We do use vitamins and supplements daily as well. Many of our favorites are on our Wellevate store’s protocol page. Always discuss any existing medical conditions with your physician before starting a new vitamin/supplement protocol.

Join Our Wellevate Store

Join our Wellevate store to purchase any of our recommended products or to see if your favorite products are stocked and available. Join below with your name and email address and we will contact you to establish you as a patient.

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