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Acupuncture treatment with patient on bed and therapist applying needle point to patient's left forearm

Outside In

Acupuncture, Tui Na, Medical Qi Gong, Gua Sha and Cupping

Healing Hands

All of the Traditional Asian Medicine access the body’s ability to heal itself.  Often the body becomes inflamed and overwhelmed before it can complete healing and repair. The outside-in approach helps the body to organize and direct its own healing forces to fix the issue at hand. See a Wall Street Journal article on Qi discussing the science of acupuncture.


Acupuncture uses theories rooted in several thousand years of observation and note keeping to increase wellness.  By activating special points on the body, we communicate with the central nervous system to restore healthy function. Alanna specializes in Japanese/Hara style acupuncture also known as KMS or Kiiko Style. Tom uses a mix of Japanese, Tung, and Chinese style acupuncture.

Tui Na

Tui Na is body work similar to massage rooted in the principles of Traditional Asian Medicine.  We use it to remove tension and to increase the flow of qi and body fluids.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha uses a blunt-edged tool that is rubbed across the skin to help break up stagnant qi and muscular tension.


Cupping breaks up tension and improves flow of qi and body fluids by stretching muscles with the force of suction. We use it to release muscular tension, and to improve circulation in the lungs for cough and colds, often providing immediate relief.

Medical Qi Gong

With medical qi gong, we use the same principles of acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicine by using qi to create healing without the use of tools or even touch. Read a study detailing how such a subtle treatment produces strong results.

Caucasian female and male both sitting in lotus meditation pose meditating

Inside Out

Nutrition, Medicinal Formulas, Meditation and Qi Gong

Acquiring Healthy Qi

Nutritional changes and self-management of one’s energies are always required to enhance healthy qi, healing and repair. The inside-out approach represents the patient’s role in acquiring healthy qi.  


Tom and Alanna have extensive knowledge of both Western and Eastern nutritional practices. Understanding how the body uses fuel dictates how to choose the best fuel for the body. In addition, certain conditions benefit from specific foods, like using turmeric for inflammation. Tom and Alanna will provide recipes and practical ideas on how to incorporate food changes to optimize your wellness.

Medicinal Formulas

Herbal medicine has been used by traditional societies for thousands of years. The Chinese kept meticulous notes on the outcomes of their herbal practices; and as such, their formula-based medicine is extremely effective. So effective, it was a part of the 2015 Nobel Prize.  Medicinal formulas are available in many forms from liquid tinctures to powder extracts, capsules and even raw form. Please see our products page for more details on how to order medicinal formulas.

Meditation and Qi Gong 

Meditation has been studied by Western science and has been proven to increase grey matter in the brain, while also promoting better healing and repair. Qi gong, translated as “energy work” encompasses various forms of meditation where the qi is cultivated while the mind is settled.  Many qi gong forms involve physical movement paired with meditation such as tai chi.  Read more about tai chi and health in this article at

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